Wednesday Night Chain Gangs

Starting Wednesday 3rd April

6.30pm at Porthmadog leisure centre, always check facebook for any changes due to other events and weather.


Each Wednesday night throughout the summer we will get together for a fast paced chain gang session.  The aim is to improve group riding skills and fitness. Don’t be put off by the thought of fast speeds, once you get the hang of holding the wheel in front the drafting benefit means you can wizz along much faster than when you’re on your own.

Groups can either ride in a single pace line or a double pace line.  Here’s a couple of links to some good articles which explain some of the terms used and the way it works.

Cycling info chain gang

Bike radar group riding

We’d like everyone to come along and have a go.  The routes chosen for each session will be relatively flat so we can try to keep the group together.